Standing tall and proud on the elevated location in the midst
quiet enclave of Tanjong Tokong, TRI PINNACLE is an ideal high-rise residence befitting home buyers looking for a serene and peaceful locale.

Equipped with top-notch facilities and living conveniences, your home at TRI PINNACLE is your private enclave, a precious world that conceptualise the modern living style which blend seamlessly with the green nature.

Savour moments and create memories with your loved ones as TRI PINNACLE brings opulence to meet the needs and demands of a contemporary urbanite’s lifestyle.

Luxurious Lift Lobby

Project Title

Luxurious Waiting Area

Project Title

Recreational Facilities

Project Title

Condominium Layout Plan

3 Bedrroms + 2 Bathrooms | 800 sq.ft.

800 SQ. FT.

Well-Designed to
Best Suit Your Lifestyle



Premium Upgrade
Premium Upgrade
1. Structure
Reinforced Concrete
2. Wall

Reinforced Concrete /Light Weight block / Cement Sand Brick
3. Roof Covering
Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof / Metal Deck Roofing
4. Ceiling
    a. All bathrooms
Plaster Ceiling
    b. Other Areas
Skim Coat & Paint
5. Doors Frames
Metal Steel & Paint
6. Doors
    a. Entrance
8ft Height Laminated Door
     b. Bedrooms, Yard & Bathrooms
7ft Height Laminated Door
    c. Balcony
Powder Coated Aluminium Frame Sliding Glass Door
7. Window
    a. Bedrooms
Powder Coated Aluminium Casement Window
    b. Bathrooms
Powder Coated Aluminium Top Hung
    c. Kitchen
Natural Anodized Louvres Window
8. Ironmongery
Selected St.Guchi Lockset
9. Wall Finishes
    a. Bathrooms
300mm x 600mm Ceramic Wall Tiles To Ceiling Height
    b. Kitchen
300mm x 600mm Ceramic Wall Tiles At Selected Area
    c. Others
Skim Coat / Cement Sand Plaster & Paint
10. Floor Finishes
     a. Entrance, Living, Dining & Kitchen
600mm x 600mm Porcelain Floor Tiles With 70mm Height MDF Skirting
    b. Bedrooms
Laminated Flooring With 70mm Height MDF Skirting
     c. Bathrooms, Yard & Balcony
300mm x 600mm Ceramic Floor Tiles
11. Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings
    a. Basin c/w Basin Tap
2 nos
    b. Shower Point
2 nos
    c. Water Closet
2 nos
    d. Water Tap
3 nos
    e. Kitchen Water Tap Point
1 nos
    f. Toilet Roll Holder
2 nos
    g. Shower Fix Screen
2 nos
    h. Counter Top
2 nos
    i. Counter Top Mirror
2 nos
12. Electrical Installation
    a. Lighting Point
20 nos
    b. 13 Amp Power Point
13 nos
    d. Telephone Point
2 nos (single line)
    f. Fan Point with Hook
4 nos
    g. Door Bell Switch
1 nos
    h. 15 Amp Water Heater Point
2 nos
    i. Air Conditioner Point
4 nos


TRI PINNACLE's Smart Community Services
brings connected living to a whole new level.

Safety & Security

  • Communal Areas Monitored Under CCTV Surveillance
  • Security Alarm & Instant Incident Response
  • Emergency Alert Services
  • 4-Tier Security Solutions


  • Community Event Engagement & Management
  • Facilities Bookings
  • Calendar Invites & Real-Time Noticeboard Via App Notification
  • Smart Visitor Management


  • Advertising Platform For Merchants
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Communal Areas With High-Speed WiFi Connectivity
  • Fibre-To-The-Premise (FTTP) Connection


  • Real-Time Attendance to Situations
  • Community Engagement Platform
  • Smart Mobile Intercom System


Be At The Heart Of
Tanjung Tokong


Unparalleled Accessbility and Connectivity


A Simple Yet Functional Layout



Savour the tranquility and feeling of being closer to the stars above while still be at close reach to the city’s vibes by indulging your senses with the various facilities TRI PINNACLE has to offer, because at TRI PINNACLE, home is not just a place for shelter, but a place you are eager to come home to.

Facilities level 13 Sky Facilities level 46


Ready to get started? This will only take a very short time.

  1. Hanya pemohon yang layak sahaja akan didaftarkan. Syarat-syarat kelayakan adalah seperti berikut :-
    1. Warganegara Malaysia
    2. Berumur 21 tahun ke atas pada tarikh permohonan
    3. Anak kelahiran Pulau Pinang ATAU bermastautin di Pulau Pinang
    4. Pengundi Berdaftar di Pulau Pinang
    5. Bekerja di Pulau Pinang
    6. Pendapatan suami dan isteri tidak melebihi RM 2,500.00 Untuk Rumah Mampu Milik A harga maksimum RM42,000.00;
    7. Pendapatan suami dan isteri tidak melebihi RM 3,500.00 Untuk Rumah Mampu Milik B harga maksimum RM72,500.00;
    8. Pendapatan suami dan isteri tidak melebihi RM 6,000.00 Untuk Rumah Mampu Milik C1 harga maksimum RM150,000.00;
    9. Pendapatan suami dan isteri tidak melebihi RM 8,000.00 Untuk Rumah Mampu Milik C2 harga maksimum RM200,000.00;
    10. Pendapatan suami dan isteri tidak melebihi RM 10,000.00 Untuk Rumah Mampu Milik C3 harga maksimum RM300,000.00;
    11. Bagi permohonan Rumah Mampu Milik Jenis A / Jenis B, pemohon dan pasangan tidak memiliki rumah di mana-mana negeri di Malaysia; atau
    12. Bagi permohonan Rumah Mampu Milik Jenis C1, C2 dan C3 pemohon dan pasangan yang memiliki rumah berharga di bawah harga Rumah Mampu Milik yang dipohon (dengan syarat pemilikan rumah sebelumnya adalah selepas tahun 2008) adalah LAYAK memohon.
  2. Untuk kategori penjawat awam, pemohon perlu mengemukakan surat sokongan dari Ketua Jabatan masing-masing.
  3. Untuk kategori Talent and Skill Group pemohon perlu mengemukakan surat sokongan dari pihak Invest Penang.
  4. Dokumen yang perlu disertakan bersama permohonan :-
    1. Salinan kad pengenalan pemohon dan suami / isteri
    2. Salinan sijil nikah / Pendaftaran perkahwinan / Akuan Sumpah Perkahwinan pemohon
    3. Sekiranya duda / janda, sertakan salinan Surat Daftar Cerai (sekiranya bercerai) atau salinan Sijil Kematian (sekiranya isteri / suami telah meninggal)
    4. Salinan laporan CCRIS pemohon dan isteri / suami (sila rujuk Bank Negara Malaysia cawangan berhampiran)
    5. Salinan slip SPR
    6. Sekiranya bekerja dengan kerajaan / swasta sertakan dokumen berikut :-
      1. Surat pengesahan terkini daripada majikan / Salinan penyata gaji pokok dan elaun tetap bulanan terkini pemohon dan isteri / suami
      2. Salinan penyata KWSP terkini pemohon dan isteri / suami
      3. Pengesahan dari pejabat KWSP sekiranya tidak mencarum
    7. Sekiranya berniaga atau bekerja sendiri sertakan dokumen berikut :-
      1. Borang EA
      2. Salinan Sijil Pendaftaran Syarikat (SSM)
      3. Salinan penyata KWSP terkini
      4. Akuan Sumpah Pendapatan
    8. Sekiranya tidak bekerja, sertakan dokumen berikut :-
      1. Surat Akuan Sumpah Pendapatan terkini pemohon dan isteri / suami
      2. Pengesahan dari Pejabat KWSP sekiranya tidak mencarum;
    9. Salinan Kad Pengenalan OKU (suami/isteri dan tanggungan jika berkaitan)
    10. Bagi pemastautin sekurang-kurangnya 5 tahun di Pulau Pinang, sila sertakan dokumen pengesahan majikan sebagai bukti.
  5. Jika berlaku pertukaran alamat surat menyurat, Pentadbiran ini hendaklah dimaklumkan dengan mengisi borang pertukaran alamat.
  6. Surat Akuan Sumpah hendaklah dibuat di Pesuruhanjaya Sumpah yang diwartakan oleh Kerajaan. Akuan yang diperakui oleh selain dari yang diwartakan tidak akan dilayan.
  7. Permohonan perlu dikemaskini setiap 3 tahun ATAU sekiranya terdapat sebarang perubahan taraf perkahwinan dan gaji.
  1. Only eligible applicants will be registered. The terms of eligibility are as follows:
    1. Malaysian citizen;
    2. Aged 21 and above at the time of application;
    3. Born in Penang or a resident in Penang;
    4. A registered voter in Penang;
    5. Working in Penang;
    6. Husband and wife’s income does not exceed RM2,500.00 for Affordable House A maximum price RM42,000.00;
    7. Husband and wife’s income does not exceed RM3,500.00 for Affordable House B maximum price RM72,500.00;
    8. Husband and wife’s income does not exceed RM6,000.00 for Affordable House C1 maximum price RM150,000.00;
    9. Husband and wife’s income does not exceed RM8,000.00 for Affordable House C2 maximum price RM200,000.00;
    10. Husband and wife’s income does not exceed RM10,000.00 for Affordable House C3 maximum price RM300,000.00;
    11. For applications for Affordable House Type A/Type B, applicant and spouse does not own any house in any of the other states in Malaysia; or
    12. For applicants of Affordable House Types C1, C2 and C3 applicant and spouse owns a house priced below the price of the Affordable Home that is applied for (with the condition that the ownership of the previous house is after year 2008) is ELIGIBLE to apply.
  2. For applicants who are serving in the public sector, applicants must first produce a supporting letter from the Head of Department.
  3. For applicants from the Talent and Skill Group applicants must produce a supporting letter from a representative of Invest Penang.
  4. The complete application form must be addressed to Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Bahagian Perumahan, Tingkat 3, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), 10503, Pulau Pinang or returned by the applicant to the Perumahan counter, Level 3 (KOMTAR) together with these documents:
    1. A copy of the applicant’s identification card (IC) and wife’s/husband’s;
    2. A copy of the marriage certificate/ Registration of Marriage/ Declaration of Marriage of the applicant
    3. If a widower/widow, to submit a copy of the Registration of Divorce document (if divorced) or a copy of the Death Certificate (If wife/husband has passed away);
    4. A copy of the applicant’s CCRIS report and husband/wife (please refer to the nearest Bank Negara Malaysia branch);
    5. A copy of the registration slip with SPR;
    6. If applicant is working in the public/ private sector, please include these documents:-
      1. A recent Letter of Confirmation from the employer/ A recent copy of salary slip and fixed monthly allowances of the applicant and wife/husband;
      2. A recent copy of the applicant’s EPF statement and wife/husband;
      3. A confirmation from EPF Office if applicant is not contributing to the EPF
    7. If applicant is a business person or self-employed please include these documents:-
      1. EA Form;
      2. A copy of the Company Registration Certificate;
      3. A recent of EPF statement;
      4. A declaration of oath of income;
    8. If unemployed, please include these documents:-
      1. Applicant’s recent declaration of oath of income and wife’s/husband’s;
      2. A confirmation from EPF Office if applicant is not contributing to the EPF;
    9. A copy of OKU identification card (wife/husband where applicable);
    10. For residents of Penang of not more than 5 years, please include a confirmation document from employer as proof.
  5. If there is a change of correspondence address, the Administration must be informed by filling up the change of address form.
  6. A declaration of oath must be made with a Commissioner of Oath that has been gazetted by the Government. An oath that is certified by any other that is none gazetted shall not be entertained.
  7. The application must be updated every 3 years OR if there are any changes to the marital status and salary.
  1. 只有符合条件的申请者才可以注册。 须符合以下条规:
    1. 马来西亚公民
    2. 申请者为21岁或以上
    3. 槟城出生的人民或居住在槟城
    4. 在槟城注册的选民
    5. 在槟城工作
    6. 夫妻的收入不高于RM2,500.00可申请可负担房屋 A类型。其最高价格为RM42,000.00
    7. 夫妻的收入不高于RM3,500.00可申请可负担房屋B类型, 其最高价格为RM72,500.00
    8. 夫妻的收入不高于RM 6,000.00可申请可负担房屋C1类型, 其最高价格为RM150,000.00
    9. 夫妻的收入不高于RM 8,000.00可申请可负担房屋C2类型, 其最高价格为RM200,000.00
    10. 夫妻的收入不高于RM 10,000.00可申请可负担房屋C3类型, 其最高价格为RM300,000.00
    11. 对于可负担房屋A类型/ B类型的申请,申请者和配偶必须在马来西亚或任何国家都没有房屋, 或者
    12. 对于可负担房屋C1、C2和C3类型的申请,申请人和配偶若持有的房屋价格低于可负担房屋的价格(条件是前一所房屋的持有权在2008年之后)其将符合申请资格
  2. 在公共部门任职的申请者,必须出示部门主管的证明函
  3. 对于人才和技能组,申请者必须提交槟城投资局的证明函
  4. 填妥的申请表格必须寄往Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Bahagian Perumahan, Tingkat 3, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), 10503 Pulau Pinang 或前往柜台上交以下的文件:
    1. 申请者和配偶的身份证副本
    2. 结婚证书副本/结婚登记证明书/申请者结婚证明书
    3. 须附上离婚函(如已离婚)或死亡证明书副本(如配偶已死亡)
    4. 申请者和配偶CCRIS报告的副本(请前往邻近的马来西亚国家银行咨询)
    5. SPR的副本
    6. 如果与政府/私人机构工作,请附上以下文件:
      1. 来自雇主的最新确认信/基本工资表副本以及申请者和妻子/丈夫的最新月度津贴
      2. 申请者和妻子/丈夫的最新EPF副本
    7. 做生意或自雇申请者,请附上以下文件:
      1. EA表格
      2. 公司注册证书(SSM)副本
      3. EPF声明的最新副本
      4. 收入证明
    8. 无收入人士申请者,请附上以下文件:
      1. 法定申请者和妻子/丈夫的收入声明
      2. 如果没有EPF 捐献,得从EPF办公室取得验证声明
    9. 残疾人士申,请者身份证副本(丈夫/妻子和受抚养人,如果有关的话)
    10. 对于工作在槟州至少5年的居民,请附上雇主的确认文件作为证明
  5. 如果联络地址有更改,须填写地址更改相关表格以通知有关部门
  6. 宣誓声明必须与政府在宪报上宣誓的专员作出验证。 未经宪法颁发的任何其他认证的誓言将不受理
  7. 申请必须每3年更新一次或根据婚姻和工资的状况做调整更新
Tell us about yourself, fill up your personal information.
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Monthly Instalment Amount:
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Your Home Loan Eligibility 4
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1. Minimum monthly payment.
2. Including loans other than from banks.
3. The maximum loan tenure is 35 years or up to 70 years of age, whichever earlier.
4. The loan eligibility is only an estimate. The actual amount may differ from customer to customer.
5. Based on loan of up to 90% of property value plus 5% for MRTA financing.

Upload your document to apply.
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